TSDuck v3.38-3816
MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 tsAES128.hAES-128 block cipher
 tsAES256.hAES-256 block cipher
 tsBetterSystemRandomGenerator.hImproved system-provided PRNG (pseudo-random numbers generator)
 tsBlockCipher.hAbstract interface of block ciphers
 tsBlockCipherAlertInterface.hInterface to be notified when an alert is raised on a block cipher
 tsBlockCipherProperties.hProperties of a block cipher
 tsCBC.hCipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode
 tsCRC32.hCyclic Redundancy Check as used in MPEG sections
 tsCryptoLibrary.hDefinitions for the system-specific cryptographic library
 tsCTR.hCounter (CTR) chaining mode
 tsCTS1.hCipher text Stealing (CTS) mode, alternative 1
 tsCTS2.hCipher text Stealing (CTS) mode, alternative 2
 tsCTS3.hCipher text Stealing (CTS) mode, alternative 3
 tsCTS4.hCipher text Stealing (CTS) mode, alternative 4
 tsDES.hDES block cipher
 tsDVBCISSA.hDVB-CISSA AES-based TS packet encryption
 tsDVBCSA2.hDVB CSA-2 (Digital Video Broadcasting Common Scrambling Algorithm)
 tsDVS042.hDVS 042 cipher block chaining mode
 tsECB.hElectronic Code Book (ECB) mode
 tsHash.hAbstract base class for hash functions
 tsIDSA.hATIS-0800006 AES-based TS packet encryption (ATIS-IDSA)
 tsRandomGenerator.hAbstract base class for PRNG's (pseudo-random numbers generators)
 tsSCTE52.hANSI/SCTE 52 DES-based TS packet encryption
 tsSHA1.hSHA-1 hash
 tsSHA256.hSHA-256 hash
 tsSHA512.hSHA-512 hash
 tsSystemRandomGenerator.hSystem-provided PRNG (pseudo-random numbers generator)
 tsTDES.hTriple-DES (EDE) block cipher
 tsXoshiro256ss.hXoshiro256** PRNG (pseudo-random numbers generator)
 tsDektecControl.hA class implementing the tsdektec control utility
 tsDektecDeviceInfo.hA simple encapsulation of Dektec device information
 tsDektecInputPlugin.hDeclare the ts::DektecInputPlugin class
 tsDektecOutputPlugin.hDeclare the ts::DektecOutputPlugin class
 tsDektecUtils.hSome basic utilities for Dektec API, without direct reference to DTAPI
 tsHiDesDevice.hAn encapsulation of a HiDes modulator device
 tsHiDesDeviceInfo.hInformation about a HiDes modulator device
 tsVatekControl.hA class implementing the tsvatek control utility
 tsVatekOutputPlugin.hDeclare the ts::VatekOutputPlugin class
 tsVatekUtils.hSome basic utilities for VATek devices
 tsVersion.hVersion identification of TSDuck