TSDuck v3.38-3731
MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit
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broadcast Directory Reference
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 A set of DVB-T tuners parameters with an bitrate offset.
 XML files containing the description of TV channels and their networks.
 Definition for transmission delivery systems.
 Definition of an HF frequency band (UHF, VHF).
 Handling of legacy definitions for terrestrial modulation bandwidths.
 Description of a Low-Noise Block (LNB) converter in a satellite dish.
 Definition for MPEG transport modulations.
 Modulation parameters for tuners and their command-line definitions.
 State of a modulated broadcast signal.
 A class which scans the services of a transport stream.
 Digital TV tuner.
 Parameters for tuners and their command-line definitions.
 Base class for Digital TV tuners.
 Digital TV tuner emulator.