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 AES-128 block cipher.
 AES-256 block cipher.
 Improved system-provided PRNG (pseudo-random numbers generator).
 Abstract interface of block ciphers.
 Interface to be notified when an alert is raised on a block cipher.
 Properties of a block cipher.
 Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode.
 Cyclic Redundancy Check as used in MPEG sections.
 Definitions for the system-specific cryptographic library.
 Counter (CTR) chaining mode.
 Cipher text Stealing (CTS) mode, alternative 1.
 Cipher text Stealing (CTS) mode, alternative 2.
 Cipher text Stealing (CTS) mode, alternative 3.
 Cipher text Stealing (CTS) mode, alternative 4.
 DES block cipher.
 DVB-CISSA AES-based TS packet encryption.
 DVB CSA-2 (Digital Video Broadcasting Common Scrambling Algorithm)
 DVS 042 cipher block chaining mode.
 Electronic Code Book (ECB) mode.
 Abstract base class for hash functions.
 ATIS-0800006 AES-based TS packet encryption (ATIS-IDSA).
 Abstract base class for PRNG's (pseudo-random numbers generators)
 ANSI/SCTE 52 DES-based TS packet encryption.
 SHA-1 hash.
 SHA-256 hash.
 SHA-512 hash.
 System-provided PRNG (pseudo-random numbers generator).
 Triple-DES (EDE) block cipher.
 Xoshiro256** PRNG (pseudo-random numbers generator).