TSDuck Streams Repository

TSDuck Streams Repository

This part of the TSDuck Web site is a repository of transport stream files. These files can be used to get more familiar with TSDuck, to experiment new and existing features or to explore real-life streams. All streams in this repository are real and were once captured from exiting satellite, terrestrial or IP operators networks.

Africa: MultiChoice DStv MPE feed for DVB-H

A transport stream from MultiChoice DStv with multiple embedded MPE (Multi-Protocol Encapsulation) streams. The UDP stream inside each MPE stream contains a DVB-H service.

Brazil: Sample ISDB-Tb transport streams

Two sample ISDB-Tb transport streams from Brazil. Each transport stream contains two variants of the same service: one full HD version and one version for mobile reception. The services are ETPV and TV Clube. They are in the clear, H.264 encoded.

Colombia: T2-MI stream from Capital TV

A simple embedded T2-MI stream from Capital TV. The T2-MI signalization is fully conformant.

France: Astra 19.2 E, France Television

A capture of two transport streams from Astra satellite at 19.2° E. The TS id. 1080 contains scrambled channels from Canal+. The TS id. 1120 contains all regional flavors of France 3, with some shared streams.

France: Terrestrial network snapshot

A snapshot of all transport streams from the French terrestrial network. The capture was done in the UHF band from the Paris Tour Eiffel transmitter. Some of the transport streams contains HbbTV applications.

Italy and UK: Eutelsat Hot Bird 13.0° E, Mediaset, BBC World

A capture of two transport streams from Eutelsat Hot Bird satellite at 13.0° E. The TS id. 6000 contains TV and Radio channels from Italy with some DVB-MHP application carousels. The TS id. 9400 contains BBC World, CNN and Euronews channels with no less than five different CAS systems.

Russia: T2-MI streams with SCTE 35 cues

A satellite feed with three embedded T2-MI streams, PLP 0, 1 and 2. The PLP 0 stream contains SCTE 35 cues (two splice-out / splice-in sequences) and can be used to test the "rmsplice" plugin.

Russia: MPE streams from Tricolor TV

A transport stream from Tricolor TV with multiple embedded MPE (Multi-Protocol Encapsulation) streams. The UDP stream inside each MPE stream contains a proprietary encapsulation of an HLS stream.

Test patterns: Synthetic files with known test patterns

A few small synthetic transport stream files with predefined test patterns. They can be used to track streams and services in complex test environments.

UK and Italy: BskyB satellite streams

A snapshot of some BskyB satellite streams, two from UK (28.2E) and one from Italy (13.0E).

USA: ATSC terrestrial network snapshot in Utah

A snapshot of all ATSC terrestrial transport streams in Utah, USA.