TSDuck commands and plugins

TSDuck commands and plugins

Here is a summary of all command line utilities and tsp plugins which are installed with TSDuck version 3.38-3731.

TSDuck commands

tsanalyzeAnalyze the structure of a transport stream
tsbitrateEvaluate the bitrate of a transport stream
tscharsetTest tool for DVB and ARIB character sets
tscmpCompare two transport stream files
tscrc32Compute MPEG-style CRC32 values
tsdateExtract the date and time (TDT/TOT) from a transport stream
tsdektecControl Dektec devices
tsdumpDump and format MPEG transport stream packets
tsecmgMinimal generic DVB SimulCrypt-compliant ECMG
tseitManipulate EIT's through commands
tsemmgMinimal generic DVB SimulCrypt-compliant EMMG
tsfcleanCleanup the structure and boundaries of a transport stream file
tsfixccFix continuity counters in a transport stream
tsftruncTruncate an MPEG transport stream file
tsfuzzIntroduce random errors in a transport stream file
tsgenecmGenerate one ECM using any DVB SimulCrypt compliant ECMG
tshidesList HiDes modulator devices
tslatencymonitorMonitor latency between two TS input sources
tslsdvbList DVB tuner devices
tspMPEG transport stream processor using a chain of plugins
tspacketizePacketize PSI/SI sections in a transport stream PID
tspcapAnalyze pcap and pcap-ng files
tspcontrolSend control commands to a running tsp
tspsiExtract all standard PSI from an MPEG transport stream
tsresyncResynchronize a non-standard or corrupted MPEG transport stream
tsscanScan a DTV network frequencies and services
tssmartcardList or control smartcards
tsstuffAdd stuffing to a transport stream to reach a target bitrate
tsswitchTS input source switch using remote control
tstabcompPSI/SI tables compiler
tstabdumpDump PSI/SI tables, as saved by tstables
tstablesCollect PSI/SI tables from an MPEG transport stream
tsterinfoCompute or convert DVB-Terrestrial information
tstestecmgTest a DVB SimulCrypt compliant ECMG with an artificial load
tsvatekControl VATek devices
tsversionCheck version, download and upgrade TSDuck
tsxmlTest tool for TSDuck XML manipulation

TSP input plugins

craftBuild specifically crafted input packets
dektecReceive packets from a Dektec DVB-ASI or demodulator device
dvbDVB receiver device input
fileRead packets from one or more files
forkFork a process and receive TS packets from its standard output
hlsReceive HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) media
httpRead a transport stream from an HTTP server
ipReceive TS packets from UDP/IP, multicast or unicast
memoryDirect memory input from an application
nullGenerate null packets
pcapRead TS packets from a pcap or pcap-ng file
srtReceive TS packets from Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)

TSP output plugins

dektecSend packets to a Dektec DVB-ASI or modulator device
dropDrop output packets
fileWrite packets to a file
forkFork a process and send TS packets to its standard input
hidesSend packets to a HiDes modulator device
hlsGenerate HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) media
httpAct as an HTTP server and send TS packets to the incoming client
ipSend TS packets using UDP/IP, multicast or unicast
memoryDirect memory output to an application
playPlay output TS on any supported media player in the system
srtSend TS packets using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)
vatekSend packets to a VATek modulator device

TSP packet processor plugins

aesExperimental AES scrambling of TS packets
analyzeAnalyze the structure of a transport stream
batPerform various transformations on the BAT
bitrate_monitorMonitor bitrate for TS or a given set of PID's
boostpidBoost the bitrate of a PID, stealing stuffing packets
catPerform various transformations on the CAT
clearExtract clear (non scrambled) sequences of a transport stream
continuityCheck or fix continuity counters on TS packets
countCount TS packets per PID
craftCraft specific low-level transformations on packets
cutoffSet labels on TS packets upon reception of UDP messages
datainjectDVB SimulCrypt data injector using EMMG/PDG <=> MUX protocol
debugDebug traces
decapDecapsulate TS packets from a PID produced by encap plugin
descramblerGeneric DVB descrambler
dumpDump transport stream packets
duplicateDuplicate PID's, reusing null packets
eitAnalyze EIT sections
eitinjectGenerate and inject EIT's in a transport stream
encapEncapsulate packets from several PID's into one single PID
feedExtract an encapsulated TS from an outer feed TS
fileWrite packets to a file and pass them to next plugin
filterFilter TS packets according to various conditions
forkFork a process and send TS packets to its standard input
fuzzIntroduce random errors in the transport stream
historyReport a history of major events on the transport stream
injectInject tables and sections in a TS
ipSend TS packets using UDP/IP, multicast or unicast, and pass them to next plugin
limitLimit the global bitrate by dropping packets
mergeMerge TS packets coming from the standard output of a command
mpeExtract MPE (Multi-Protocol Encapsulation) datagrams
mpeinjectInject an incoming UDP stream into MPE (Multi-Protocol Encapsulation)
muxInsert TS packets in a transport stream
nitPerform various transformations on the NIT
nitscanAnalyze the NIT and output a list of tuning information
patPerform various transformations on the PAT
patternReplace packet payload with a binary pattern on selected PID's
pcradjustAdjust PCR's according to a constant bitrate
pcrbitratePermanently recompute bitrate based on PCR analysis
pcrcopyCopy and synchronize PCR's from one PID to another
pcreditEdit PCR, PTS and DTS values in various ways
pcrextractExtracts PCR, OPCR, PTS, DTS from TS packet for analysis
pcrverifyVerify PCR's from TS packets
pesAnalyze PES packets
pidshiftShift one or more PID's forward in the transport stream
pmtPerform various transformations on the PMT
psiExtract PSI Information
psimergeMerge PSI/SI from mixed streams
reduceReduce the TS bitrate by removing stuffing packets
regulateRegulate the TS packets flow based on PCR or bitrate
remapGeneric PID remapper
rmorphanRemove orphan (unreferenced) PID's
rmspliceRemove ads insertions from a program using SCTE 35 splice information
scramblerDVB scrambler
sdtPerform various transformations on the SDT
sectionsRemove, keep or merge sections from various PID's
sifilterExtract PID's containing the specified PSI/SI
skipSkip leading TS packets of a stream
slicePass or drop packets based on packet numbers
spliceinjectInject SCTE 35 splice commands in a transport stream
splicemonitorMonitor SCTE 35 splice information
statsReport various statistics on PID's and labels
stuffanalyzeAnalyze the level of stuffing in tables
svremoveRemove a service
svrenameRename a service, assign a new service name and/or new service id
svresyncResynchronize the clock of a service based on another service
t2miExtract T2-MI (DVB-T2 Modulator Interface) packets
tablesCollect PSI/SI Tables
teletextExtract Teletext subtitles in SRT format
timeSchedule packets pass or drop, based on time
timerefUpdate TDT and TOT with a new time reference
timeshiftDelay transmission by a fixed amount of packets
triggerTrigger actions on selected TS packets
tsrenameRename a transport stream
untilCopy packets until one of the specified conditions is met
zapZap on one or more services, remove all other services