TSDuck library

TSDuck library

Using TSDuck as a library

TSDuck can also be used as an MPEG/DVB C++ library for your own applications. Most of the TSDuck code is located into a large shareable library. The utilities and plugins are usually only small wrappers around the TSDuck library. You may use the TSDuck library to develop new plugins or create completely independent applications.

The following diagram illustrates the TSDuck software architecture.

All C++ classes in the TSDuck library are documented using Doxygen.

There is a binary installer for the TSDuck development environment too. So, there is no need to rebuild TSDuck first. See more details here.

For Python and Java developers, TSDuck bindings exist to allow running transport stream processing pipelines from Python or Java applications. But since TSDuck is essentially a large C++ library, only a limited set of features is accessible from applications in other languages. See more details here.