TSDuck funding

TSDuck funding

TSDuck is free and open source and this will not change.

Its BSD license has been carefully selected to be a liberal one, avoiding any pitfall of restrictive and contaminating licenses such as GPL. TSDuck may be used by anyone, individual, DTV hobbyist or professional (only hackers are banned). TSDuck may be used, as a toolset, as a C++, Java or Python library, for whatever you want: testing, personal use, commercial demo or even commercial production (although we do not recommend using it in production and we do not endorse any responsibility in case of problem).

Nobody will ever ask you for any money for using TSDuck.

Nonetheless, please keep in mind that TSDuck is developed and maintained by one single person and on spare time only. No commercial company is funding this development effort. This is fully understood and accepted. This is the core spirit of the open source community !

While development, documentation, maintenance and user support only cost time, experience, patience and enthousiasm, hardware is not free. This includes computers, tuners, modulators and any kind of DTV equipment.

Domain names and Web hosting are not free either, especially when they use gigabytes of sample transport streams.

Currently, all hardware and hosting costs are borne by the author, on personal expenses.

If you are a commercial company and if TSDuck is somehow useful in developing, testing, demonstrating your products or assisting your operations, you may consider a participation in those costs. Specifically, if you can evaluate the price of commercial products which are alternatives to TSDuck, you may consider dedicating a small fraction of the saved costs to fund TSDuck hosting and hardware equipment.

If you wish to contribute, the button below redirects to PayPal for secure payment.