TSDuck Nightly Builds and Pre-releases

TSDuck Nightly Builds and Pre-releases

Pre-releases explained

This page references pre-release versions of TSDuck. Official versions have a unique major.minor version (e.g. 3.17) followed by a commit number (e.g. -1189). All preceding pre-releases have the same major.minor numbers but a lower commit number (e.g. 3.17-1155, 3.17-1172, etc.) After the release of an official version, the major.minor numbers are immediately incremented. For instance, the next pre-release after official version 3.17-1189 would be 3.18-1190.

Be aware that pre-releases are not final by definition. They can be useful to test brand new features or fixes. But they may contain other issues. Moreover, pre-releases are not always built for all platforms. Some older pre-releases, for which a later official version exists, may still be present here. Unless there is a very good reason to do so, always prefer the more recent official release.

To use new features or fixes for which no pre-release exists, it is always possible to rebuild TSDuck from sources. There is no need to be a developer to do that. All required tools are available for free on all platforms and the building process is explained in details.

Nightly builds

Every night, the current version of the source code repository is rebuilt for Windows and Ubuntu Linux. Those "nightly builds" are available here.

In practice, the rebuild is performed only when source code updates were pushed since the last nightly build. When the source code base remains unmodified for several days, no new nightly build is performed. The nightly build process is part of the Continuous Integration (CI) process for TSDuck and is fully automated thanks to "Github Actions", the CI framework which is freely hosted by Github.

Only the last 5 versions of each installer (pre-release or nightly build) are available. Older versions are automatically purged.

Pre-release version 3.38-3816

Pre-release version 3.38-3815

Pre-release version 3.38-3811

Pre-release version 3.38-3809

Pre-release version 3.38-3807