TSDuck Pre-Releases

TSDuck Pre-Releases

Pre-releases explained

This page references pre-release versions of TSDuck. Official versions have a unique major.minor version (e.g. 3.17) followed by a commit number (e.g. -1189). All preceding pre-releases have the same major.minor numbers but a lower commit number (e.g. 3.17-1155, 3.17-1172, etc.) After the release of an official version, the major.minor numbers are immediately incremented. For instance, the next pre-release after official version 3.17-1189 would be 3.18-1190.

Be aware that pre-releases are not final by definition. They can be useful to test brand new features or fixes. But they may contain other issues. Moreover, pre-releases are not always built for all platforms. Some older pre-releases, for which a later official version exists, may still be present here. Unless there is a very good reason to do so, always prefer the more recent official release.

To use new features or fixes for which no pre-release exists, it is always possible to rebuild TSDuck from sources. There is no need to be a developer to do that. All required tools are available for free on all platforms and the building process is explained in details.

Pre-release version 3.20-1669

Pre-release version 3.20-1668

Pre-release version 3.20-1667

Pre-release version 3.20-1663

Pre-release version 3.20-1662

Pre-release version 3.20-1660

Pre-release version 3.20-1659