TSDuck v3.38-3738
MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit
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system Directory Reference
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 Abstract interface for abort polling.
 Abstract interface to read raw data from a stream.
 Abstract interface to write raw data on a stream.
 Application shared libraries.
 Encapsulation of Windows Common Object Model (COM).
 Save and restore the state of the Windows console.
 Accessing environment variables.
 Handle some fatal situations.
 Generate file names based on counter or dates.
 File utilities (file path, file properties, etc).
 Fork a process and create a pipe to its standard input.
 Input file redirector.
 Abstract interface for handling user Ctrl-C interrupts.
 Send output to a "pager" application such as "more".
 Output file redirector.
 Command line arguments for –pager or –no-pager.
 Description of a polled file.
 Poll for files.
 Interface for classes listening for file modification.
 Windows Registry utilities.
 Implementation of memory buffer locked in physical memory.
 Shared library handling (.so on Linux, .dylib on macOS, .dll on Windows)
 A singleton holding information on the current operating system.
 Monitoring thread for system resources used by the application.
 Various system utilities.
 Declare the ts::Thread class.
 Declare the ts::ThreadAttributes class.
 Declare the ts::Time class.
 User interrupt handling (Ctrl+C).