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 Abstract base class for different representations of "numbers".
 Element of an argument list with mixed integer and string types.
 Binary Coded Decimal utilities.
 Implementation of bitrates in bits/second.
 General-purpose memory buffer with bit access.
 Definition of a generic block of bytes.
 Low-level platform-dependent byte swapping functions.
 A compact version of std::bitset.
 Abstract interface displaying an object.
 Representation of enumeration as int/string pairs.
 Some utilities on enumeration types.
 Base class for all exceptions in TSDuck.
 Template representation of fixed-precision numbers.
 Encapsulation of a floating-point type as an AbstractNumber.
 Some utilities on floating point types.
 Template representation of fractional numbers.
 Encapsulation of an integer type as an AbstractNumber.
 Some utilities on integers.
 Utility routines for memory operations.
 Replacement policy in containers of data structures.
 Low-level platform-dependent bit rotate functions.
 Abstract interface converting an object to UString.
 Unicode characters.
 Unicode string.