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network Directory Reference
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 Abstract base class for all network address and socket address classes.
 Include the multiple and messy system headers for IP networking.
 Definitions of protocols for IP networking.
 Utilities for IP networking.
 IP v4 address class.
 A combination of IP v4 address and network mask.
 Representation of a raw IPv4 packet.
 Socket address class (IP v4 address & port).
 IP v6 address class.
 IPv6 Socket address class (IP v6 address & port).
 MAC address class.
 Definitions in pcap and pcapng files.
 Pcap and pcapng file.
 Read a pcap or pcapng file with packet filtering.
 Read a TCP/IP stream from a pcap or pcapng file.
 Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) definitions.
 Base class for TCP and UDP sockets.
 Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Socket.
 TCP connected socket, for data communication.
 TCP Server.
 TCP Socket.
 Implementation of a half-duplex line oriented telnet connection.
 UDP datagram receiver with common command line options.
 UDP Socket.
 Representation of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
 Perform a simple Web request (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP).
 Command line arguments for the class WebRequest.