TSDuck v3.38-3816
MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit
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TSDuck Programming Reference

TSDuck is a toolkit which manipulates MPEG Transport Streams (TS).

As a product, TSDuck provides many different command-line tools and plugins. Internally, the architecture of TSDuck is made of a large shareable library (tsduck.dll on Windows, libtsduck.so on Linux and BSD systems, libtsduck.dylib on macOS). Most of the valuable processing is performed by the various C++ classes from the TSDuck library. All command-line tools and plugins are usually small wrappers around this library.

The TSDuck library offers generic C++ classes for operating systems features as well as specialized classes for MPEG/DVB transport streams. This library can be used as a general-purpose C++ library for third-party applications, outside the TSDuck tools and plugins.

For Java and Python applications, TSDuck proposes an API for some high-level features, such as transport stream processing through a chain of plugins.

The diagram below illustrates the TSDuck software architecture.

TSDuck software architecture

This set of documentation is the programming reference for the TSDuck library.

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