TSDuck Version 3.22-1919 (TSDuck - The MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit)
tsMediaTypeUtils.h File Reference

DirectShow AM_MEDIA_TYPE utilities (Windows-specific). More...


 TSDuck namespace, containing all TSDuck classes and functions.


::HRESULT ts::CopyMediaType (::AM_MEDIA_TYPE &dst, const ::AM_MEDIA_TYPE &src)
 Copy a media type to another (Windows-specific). More...
void ts::DeleteMediaType (::AM_MEDIA_TYPE *media_type)
 Delete a heap-allocated AM_MEDIA_TYPE structure (Windows-specific). More...
void ts::FreeMediaType (::AM_MEDIA_TYPE &media_type)
 Free an existing media type, ie free resources it holds (Windows-specific). More...
void ts::InitMediaType (::AM_MEDIA_TYPE &media_type)
 Initialize a media type with "null" values (Windows-specific). More...

Detailed Description

DirectShow AM_MEDIA_TYPE utilities (Windows-specific).