TSDuck v3.38-3744
MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit
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tsSAT.h File Reference

Representation of a Satellite Access Table (SAT) More...


class  ts::SAT::beam_hopping_time_plan_info_type
 Representation of a beam hopping time plan, identified by the beamhopping_time_plan_id with information relating to the period(s) in time that the beam will illuminate the cell each beamhopping cycle. More...
class  ts::SAT::cell_fragment_info_type
 Representation of a cell fragment An area on earth identified by a center (center_lattitude and center_longitude) and max_distance from the center, that is associated with none, one or multiple delivery systems. More...
class  ts::SAT::satellite_position_v2_info_type::earth_orbiting_satallite_type
 Representation of an earth orbiting satellite position. More...
class  ts::SAT::satellite_position_v2_info_type::geostationary_position_type
 Representation of a geostationary satellite position. More...
class  ts::SAT::NCR_type
 Network Clock Reference. More...
class  ts::SAT::cell_fragment_info_type::new_delivery_system_id_type
 Representation of a new delivery system A new delivery system that is soon serving this cell fragment. More...
class  ts::SAT::cell_fragment_info_type::obsolescent_delivery_system_id_type
 Representation of am obsolescent delivery system A delivery system that will soon stop serving this cell fragment. More...
class  ts::SAT
 Representation of a Satellite Access Table (SAT). More...
class  ts::SAT::SAT_base
 Base capabilities to be defined/extended by Satellite Access Table processing functions. More...
class  ts::SAT::satellite_position_v2_info_type
 Representation of a satellite position. More...
class  ts::SAT::beam_hopping_time_plan_info_type::slot
 Indicates if there is a transmission in the respective timeslot. More...
class  ts::SAT::time_association_info_type
 Representation of a time assocition between NCR and UTC. More...


namespace  ts
 TSDuck namespace, containing all TSDuck classes and functions.


constexpr auto ts::BEAMHOPPING_TIME_PLAN_INFO = 3
 satellite access table contains beam hopping timeplans
constexpr auto ts::CELL_FRAGMENT_INFO = 1
 satellite access table contains cell fragment definitions
constexpr auto ts::HOP_1_TRANSMISSION = 0
 1 transmission each cycle
constexpr auto ts::HOP_GRID = 2
 grid_size will be signalled, but when the illumination will take place is not signalled
constexpr auto ts::HOP_MULTI_TRANSMISSION = 1
 multiple transmissions in each cycle
 satellite is earth orbiting
 satellite is geostationary
constexpr auto ts::SATELLITE_POSITION_V2_INFO = 0
 satellite access table contains satellite positioning information
constexpr auto ts::TIME_ASSOCIATION_INFO = 2
 satellite access table contains time association information

Detailed Description

Representation of a Satellite Access Table (SAT)