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ts::Severity Struct Reference

Message severity. More...

#include <tsReport.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static UString Header (int severity)
 Formatted line prefix header for a severity.

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr int Debug = 1
 First debug level.
static const Enumeration Enums
 An enumeration to use severity values on the command line for instance.
static constexpr int Error = -3
 Regular error.
static constexpr int Fatal = -5
 Fatal error, typically aborts the application.
static constexpr int Info = -1
 Information message.
static constexpr int Severe = -4
 Severe errror.
static constexpr int Verbose = 0
 Verbose information.
static constexpr int Warning = -2
 Warning message.

Detailed Description

Message severity.

Positive values are debug levels. The typical default reporting level is Info. All messages with a higher level (Verbose and all debug levels) are not reported by default. The struct is here just to add a naming level.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Header()

static UString ts::Severity::Header ( int  severity)

Formatted line prefix header for a severity.

[in]severitySeverity value.
A string to prepend to messages. Empty for Info and Verbose levels.

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