TSDuck Version 3.24-2093 (TSDuck - The MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit)
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Core classesGeneric core classes
 C++ languageC++ language features and design patterns
 Operating systemPortable operating system layer
 Multi-threadingMulti-threading and synchronization features
 NetworkingNetworking features
 Message loggingUnified message logging
 UnixUnix specific features
 WindowsWindows specific features
 Data formatsHandling various data formats
 TLVRepresentation of Tag / Length / Value messages
 XMLRepresentation of XML documents
 JSONRepresentation of JSON documents
 CryptographyCryptographic algorithms
 Digital TVDigital television features
 MPEG-DVB coreMPEG-DVB core features
 MPEG-DVB tablesTables used in MPEG-DVB systems
 MPEG-DVB descriptorsMost common descriptors used in MPEG-DVB systems
 HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)Classes for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
 Hardware supportSpecific hardware support (Dektec, tuners)
 ApplicationApplication development
 ApplicationsApplication management tools
 Command lineCommand line applications
 PluginsTSDuck plugin development