TSDuck  v3.35-3218
MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Core classesGeneric core classes
 C++ languageC++ language features and design patterns
 Operating systemPortable operating system layer
 Multi-threadingMulti-threading and synchronization features
 NetworkingNetworking features
 Message loggingUnified message logging
 UnixUnix specific features
 WindowsWindows specific features
 Data formatsHandling various data formats
 TLVRepresentation of Tag / Length / Value messages
 XMLRepresentation of XML documents
 JSONRepresentation of JSON documents
 CryptographyCryptographic algorithms
 Digital TVDigital television features
 MPEG-DVB coreMPEG-DVB core features
 MPEG-DVB tablesTables used in MPEG-DVB systems
 MPEG-DVB descriptorsMost common descriptors used in MPEG-DVB systems
 HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)Classes for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
 Hardware supportSpecific hardware support (Dektec, tuners)
 ApplicationApplication development
 ApplicationsApplication management tools
 Command lineCommand line applications
 PluginsTSDuck plugin development
 Other languagesApplication development not using C++
 Java bindingsUsing TSDuck from Java applications
 Python bindingsUsing TSDuck from Python applications