TSDuck Version 3.32-2769 (TSDuck - The MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit)
ts::hls::MediaSegment Class Reference

Description of a media segment in an HLS playlist. More...

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Public Member Functions

 MediaSegment ()
virtual ~MediaSegment () override
virtual UString toString () const override
 Convert to a string object. More...
UString urlString () const
 Get the URL string to use. More...

Public Attributes

BitRate bitrate
 Indicative bitrate.
MilliSecond duration
 Segment duration in milliseconds.
UString filePath
 Full file path.
bool gap
 Media is a "gap", should not be loaded by clients.
UString relativeURI
 Relative URI, verbatime from playlist.
UString title
 Optional segment title.
URL url
 Full URL, invalid if accessed by file path only.

Detailed Description

Description of a media segment in an HLS playlist.

Member Function Documentation

◆ urlString()

UString ts::hls::MediaElement::urlString ( ) const

Get the URL string to use.

The URL string to use.

◆ toString()

virtual UString ts::hls::MediaElement::toString ( ) const

Convert to a string object.

This object, converted as a string.

Implements ts::StringifyInterface.

Reimplemented in ts::hls::MediaPlayList.

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