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ts::hls::MediaSegment Class Reference

Description of a media segment in an HLS playlist. More...

#include <tshlsMediaSegment.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MediaSegment ()=default
virtual UString toString () const override
 Convert to a string object.
UString urlString () const
 Get the URL string to use.

Public Attributes

BitRate bitrate = 0
 Indicative bitrate.
cn::milliseconds duration {}
 Segment duration in milliseconds.
UString filePath {}
 Full file path.
bool gap = false
 Media is a "gap", should not be loaded by clients.
UString relativeURI {}
 Relative URI, verbatime from playlist.
UString title {}
 Optional segment title.
URL url {}
 Full URL, invalid if accessed by file path only.

Detailed Description

Description of a media segment in an HLS playlist.

Member Function Documentation

◆ urlString()

UString ts::hls::MediaElement::urlString ( ) const

Get the URL string to use.

The URL string to use.

◆ toString()

virtual UString ts::hls::MediaElement::toString ( ) const

Convert to a string object.

This object, converted as a string.

Implements ts::StringifyInterface.

Reimplemented in ts::hls::AltPlayList, and ts::hls::MediaPlayList.

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