TSDuck Version 3.32-2769 (TSDuck - The MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit)
ts::TSAnalyzer::PIDContext Class Reference

This protected inner class contains the analysis context for one PID. More...

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Public Member Functions

 PIDContext (PID pid, const UString &description=UNREFERENCED)
 Default constructor. More...
void addService (uint16_t service_id)
 Register a service id for the PID. More...
UString fullDescription (bool include_attributes) const
 Return a full description, with comment and optionally attributes. More...

Public Attributes

UStringVector attributes
 Audio or video attributes (several lines if attributes changed).
MPEG2AudioAttributes audio2
 Last MPEG-2 audio attributes.
BitRate bitrate
 Average PID bitrate in b/s.
bool carry_audio
 This PID carries audio data.
bool carry_ecm
 This PID carries ECM's.
bool carry_emm
 This PID carries EMM's.
bool carry_pes
 This PID carries PES packets.
bool carry_section
 This PID carries sections.
bool carry_t2mi
 Carry T2-MI encasulated data.
bool carry_video
 This PID carries video data.
uint16_t cas_id
 For EMM and ECM streams.
std::set< uint32_t > cas_operators
 Operators for EMM and ECM streams, when applicable.
UString comment
 Additional description (ie "MPE", "HbbTV").
uint64_t crypto_period
 Average number of TS packets per crypto-period.
uint64_t cryptop_cnt
 Number of crypto-periods.
uint64_t cryptop_ts_cnt
 Number of TS packets in all crypto-periods.
uint8_t cur_continuity
 Current continuity count.
uint8_t cur_ts_sc
 Current scrambling control in TS header.
uint64_t cur_ts_sc_pkt
 First packet index of current crypto-period.
UString description
 Readable description string (ie "MPEG-2 Audio").
uint64_t duplicated
 Number of duplicated packets.
uint64_t exp_discont
 Number of expected discontinuities.
uint64_t inv_pes_start
 Number of invalid PES start code.
uint64_t inv_ts_sc_cnt
 Number of invalid scrambling control in TS headers.
bool is_pcr_pid
 Is the PCR PID for this service.
bool is_pmt_pid
 Is the PMT PID for this service.
UStringVector languages
 For audio or subtitles (3 chars per language).
uint64_t last_pcr
 Last PCR value.
uint64_t last_pcr_pkt
 Index of packet with last PCR.
bool optional
 Optional PID, don't display report if no packet.
uint64_t pcr_cnt
 Number of PCR's.
uint8_t pes_stream_id
 Stream_id in PES packets on this PID.
const PID pid
 PID value.
uint64_t pl_start_cnt
 Number of unit_start & has_payload in packets.
uint64_t pmt_cnt
 Number of PMT (for PMT PID's).
bool referenced
 Is referenced (by service or global).
bool same_stream_id
 All PES packets have same stream_id.
bool scrambled
 Contains some scrambled packets.
ETIDContextMap sections
 List of sections in this PID.
ServiceIdSet services
 List of service ids the PID belongs to.
std::set< uint32_t > ssu_oui
 Set of applicable OUI's for SSU.
uint8_t stream_type
 Stream type in PMT.
uint64_t t2mi_cnt
 Number of T2-MI packets.
std::map< uint8_t, uint64_t > t2mi_plp_ts
 For T2-MI streams, map key = PLP (Physical Layer Pipe) to value = number of embedded TS packets.
uint64_t ts_af_cnt
 Number of TS packets with adaptation field.
uint64_t ts_bitrate_cnt
 Number of computed TS bitrates.
BitRate ts_bitrate_sum
 Sum of all computed TS bitrates.
BitRate ts_pcr_bitrate
 Average TS bitrate in b/s (eval from PCR).
uint64_t ts_pkt_cnt
 Number of TS packets.
uint64_t ts_sc_cnt
 Number of scrambled packets.
uint64_t unexp_discont
 Number of unexpected discontinuities.
uint64_t unit_start_cnt
 Number of unit_start in packets.

Detailed Description

This protected inner class contains the analysis context for one PID.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PIDContext()

ts::TSAnalyzer::PIDContext::PIDContext ( PID  pid,
const UString description = UNREFERENCED 

Default constructor.

[in]pidPID value.
[in]descriptionPID description.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addService()

void ts::TSAnalyzer::PIDContext::addService ( uint16_t  service_id)

Register a service id for the PID.

[in]service_idA service id which references the PID.

◆ fullDescription()

UString ts::TSAnalyzer::PIDContext::fullDescription ( bool  include_attributes) const

Return a full description, with comment and optionally attributes.

[in]include_attributesInclude the PID attributes in the description.
The PID description.

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