TSDuck Version 3.32-2769 (TSDuck - The MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit)
ts::PluginEventHandlerRegistry::Criteria Class Reference

Registration criteria for an event handler. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Criteria ()
 Default constructor. More...
 Criteria (const UString &name)
 Constructor with a plugin name. More...
 Criteria (PluginType type)
 Constructor with a plugin type. More...
 Criteria (uint32_t code)
 Constructor with an event code. More...

Public Attributes

Variable< uint32_t > event_code
 When specified, the event must use that code.
Variable< size_t > plugin_index
 When specified, the plugin must be at that index in the chain.
Variable< UStringplugin_name
 When specified, the plugin must match that name.
Variable< PluginTypeplugin_type
 When specified, the plugin must be of this type.

Detailed Description

Registration criteria for an event handler.

A handler can be registered for any combination of:

  • Plugin name
  • Plugin index in the chain
  • Plugin type (input, packet processing, output).
  • Event code (32-bit plugin-specific value).
  • All plugins (when no criteria is specified).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Criteria() [1/4]

ts::PluginEventHandlerRegistry::Criteria::Criteria ( )

Default constructor.

No criteria is set, meaning it matches all events.

◆ Criteria() [2/4]

ts::PluginEventHandlerRegistry::Criteria::Criteria ( uint32_t  code)

Constructor with an event code.

It matches all events with that code from any plugin.

[in]codeEvent code.

◆ Criteria() [3/4]

ts::PluginEventHandlerRegistry::Criteria::Criteria ( PluginType  type)

Constructor with a plugin type.

It matches all events from any plugin of that type.

[in]typePlugin type.

◆ Criteria() [4/4]

ts::PluginEventHandlerRegistry::Criteria::Criteria ( const UString name)

Constructor with a plugin name.

It matches all events from any plugin of that name.

[in]namePlugin name.

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