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ts::IPv4AddressMask Class Reference

A combination of IP v4 address and network mask. More...

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Public Member Functions

 IPv4AddressMask (const IPv4Address &a=IPv4Address(), const IPv4Address &m=IPv4Address())
 Default constructor. More...
IPv4Address broadcastAddress () const
 Get the associated broadcast address. More...
int maskSize () const
 Get the network mask size in bits. More...
virtual UString toString () const override
 Convert to a string object. More...

Public Attributes

IPv4Address address
 IPv4 address.
IPv4Address mask
 Network mask.

Detailed Description

A combination of IP v4 address and network mask.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IPv4AddressMask()

ts::IPv4AddressMask::IPv4AddressMask ( const IPv4Address a = IPv4Address(),
const IPv4Address m = IPv4Address() 

Default constructor.

[in]aIPv4 address.
[in]mNetwork mask.

Member Function Documentation

◆ maskSize()

int ts::IPv4AddressMask::maskSize ( ) const

Get the network mask size in bits.

The mask size (e.g. 24 for mask

◆ broadcastAddress()

IPv4Address ts::IPv4AddressMask::broadcastAddress ( ) const

Get the associated broadcast address.

The associated broadcast address.

◆ toString()

virtual UString ts::IPv4AddressMask::toString ( ) const

Convert to a string object.

This object, converted as a string.

Implements ts::StringifyInterface.

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