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ts::DCCSCT::Update Class Reference

Description of an update. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Update (const AbstractTable *table, UpdateType type=UpdateType(0))
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

uint16_t dcc_county_location_code
 10 bits. When update_type == new_county.
ATSCMultipleString dcc_county_location_code_text
 When update_type == new_county.
uint8_t dcc_state_location_code
 When update_type == new_state.
ATSCMultipleString dcc_state_location_code_text
 When update_type == new_state.
DescriptorList descs
 List of descriptors for this entry, publicly accessible.
uint8_t genre_category_code
 When update_type == new_genre_category.
ATSCMultipleString genre_category_name_text
 When update_type == new_genre_category.
uint8_t state_code
 When update_type == new_county.
UpdateType update_type
 Update type.

Detailed Description

Description of an update.

Note: by inheriting from EntryWithDescriptors, there is a public field "DescriptorList descs".

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Update()

ts::DCCSCT::Update::Update ( const AbstractTable table,
UpdateType  type = UpdateType(0) 


[in]tableParent DCCSCT.
[in]typeUpdate type.

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