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ts::VCT::Channel Class Reference

Description of a virtual channel. More...

#include <tsVCT.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Channel (const AbstractTable *table)
void updateService (Service &service) const
 Collect all informations about the service.

Public Attributes

bool access_controlled = false
 Under access control.
uint32_t carrier_frequency = 0
 Should be a carrier frequency but specified as zero by ATSC (?).
uint16_t channel_TSID = 0
 Transport stream id of the TS carrying the channel.
DescriptorList descs
 List of descriptors for this entry, publicly accessible.
uint8_t ETM_location = 0
 2 bits, location of Extended Text Message.
bool hidden = false
 Hidden service.
bool hide_guide = false
 Hide associated program guide information.
uint16_t major_channel_number = 0
 10 bits, major channel number.
uint16_t minor_channel_number = 0
 10 bits, minor channel number.
uint8_t modulation_mode = 0
 Modulation, can be anolog, terrestrial (VSB) or cable (QAM).
size_t order_hint
 Preferred insertion index when serializing the table or NPOS if unspecified.
bool out_of_band = false
 Out-of-band service. Warning: CVCT only.
uint8_t path_select = 0
 Either 0 (Path 1) or 1 (Path 2). Warning: CVCT only.
uint16_t program_number = 0
 Program number (aka. service id) of the channel.
uint8_t service_type = 0
 6 bits, ATSC service type.
UString short_name {}
 Channel short name (up to 7 characters).
uint16_t source_id = 0
 ATSC source id.

Detailed Description

Description of a virtual channel.

Note: by inheriting from EntryWithDescriptors, there is a public field "DescriptorList descs".

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Channel()

ts::VCT::Channel::Channel ( const AbstractTable table)


[in]tableParent VCT.

Member Function Documentation

◆ updateService()

void ts::VCT::Channel::updateService ( Service service) const

Collect all informations about the service.

[in,out]serviceA service description to update.

Member Data Documentation

◆ order_hint

size_t ts::AbstractTable::EntryBase::order_hint

Preferred insertion index when serializing the table or NPOS if unspecified.

This is an informational hint which can be used or ignored.

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