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ts::TableHandlerInterface Class Referenceabstract

Table handler interface. More...

#include <tsTableHandlerInterface.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void handleTable (SectionDemux &demux, const BinaryTable &table)=0
 This hook is invoked when a complete table is available.

Detailed Description

Table handler interface.

This abstract interface must be implemented by classes which need to be notified of tables using a SectionDemux.

Member Function Documentation

◆ handleTable()

virtual void ts::TableHandlerInterface::handleTable ( SectionDemux demux,
const BinaryTable table 
pure virtual

This hook is invoked when a complete table is available.

Tables with long sections are reported only when a new version is available.

[in,out]demuxA reference to the section demux.
[in]tableA reference to the demultiplexed table.

Implemented in ts::TablesLogger, and ts::AbstractTablePlugin.

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