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ts::TSAnalyzerOptions Class Reference

Report options for the class TSAnalyzer. More...

#include <tsTSAnalyzerOptions.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TSAnalyzerOptions ()=default
void defineArgs (Args &args)
 Add command line option definitions in an Args.
bool loadArgs (DuckContext &duck, Args &args)
 Load arguments from command line.

Public Attributes

bool deterministic = false
 Option --deterministic.
bool error_analysis = false
 Option --error-analysis.
bool global_pid_list = false
 Option --global-pid-list.
json::OutputArgs json {}
 Options --json and --json-line.
bool normalized = false
 Option --normalized.
bool pes_pid_list = false
 Option --pes-pid-list.
bool pid_analysis = false
 Option --pid-analysis.
bool pid_list = false
 Option --pid-list.
UString prefix {}
 Option --prefix "string".
bool service_analysis = false
 Option --service-analysis.
uint16_t service_id = 0
 Service id for --service-pid-list.
bool service_list = false
 Option --service-list.
bool service_pid_list = false
 Option --service-pid-list service-id.
uint64_t suspect_max_consecutive = 1
 Option --suspect-max-consecutive.
uint64_t suspect_min_error_count = 1
 Option --suspect-min-error-count.
bool table_analysis = false
 Option --table-analysis.
UString title {}
 Option --title "string".
bool ts_analysis = false
 Option --ts-analysis.
bool unreferenced_pid_list = false
 Option --unreferenced-pid-list.
bool wide = false
 Option --wide-display.

Detailed Description

Report options for the class TSAnalyzer.

The default options are --ts-analysis --service-analysis --pid-analysis --table-analysis

Member Function Documentation

◆ defineArgs()

void ts::TSAnalyzerOptions::defineArgs ( Args args)

Add command line option definitions in an Args.

[in,out]argsCommand line arguments to update.

◆ loadArgs()

bool ts::TSAnalyzerOptions::loadArgs ( DuckContext duck,
Args args 

Load arguments from command line.

Args error indicator is set in case of incorrect arguments.

[in,out]duckTSDuck execution context.
[in,out]argsCommand line arguments.
True on success, false on error in argument line.

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