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ts::Integer< INT_T, type > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ts::Integer< INT_T, type >, including all inherited members.

abs() constts::Integer< INT_T, type >inline
Deformat(UString &str, UChar separator, UChar decimal_dot)ts::AbstractNumberprotectedstatic
description() const overridets::Integer< INT_T, type >virtual
divOverflow(const Integer &x) constts::Integer< INT_T, type >inline
Format(UString &str, size_t min_width, bool right_justified, UChar separator, bool add_plus_sign, size_t decimals, bool force_decimals, UChar decimal_dot, UChar pad)ts::AbstractNumberprotectedstatic
fromString(const UString &str, UChar separator=COMMA, UChar decimal_dot=FULL_STOP) overridets::Integer< INT_T, type >virtual
inRange(int64_t min, int64_t max) const overridets::Integer< INT_T, type >virtual
int_t typedefts::Integer< INT_T, type >
Integer()=defaultts::Integer< INT_T, type >
Integer(INT2 i)ts::Integer< INT_T, type >inline
max(const Integer &x) constts::Integer< INT_T, type >inline
MAXts::Integer< INT_T, type >static
MINts::Integer< INT_T, type >static
min(const Integer &x) constts::Integer< INT_T, type >inline
mulOverflow(INT2 x) constts::Integer< INT_T, type >inline
mulOverflow(const Integer &x) constts::Integer< INT_T, type >inline
toDouble() const overridets::Integer< INT_T, type >virtual
toInt() constts::Integer< INT_T, type >inline
toInt64() const overridets::Integer< INT_T, type >virtual
toString(size_t min_width=0, bool right_justified=true, UChar separator=COMMA, bool force_sign=false, size_t decimals=NPOS, bool force_decimals=false, UChar decimal_dot=FULL_STOP, UChar pad=SPACE) const overridets::Integer< INT_T, type >virtual