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ts::IPv4AddressMask Class Reference

A combination of IP v4 address and network mask. More...

#include <tsIPv4AddressMask.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IPv4AddressMask (const IPv4Address &a=IPv4Address(), const IPv4Address &m=IPv4Address())
 Default constructor.
IPv4Address broadcastAddress () const
 Get the associated broadcast address.
int maskSize () const
 Get the network mask size in bits.
virtual UString toString () const override
 Convert to a string object.

Public Attributes

IPv4Address address {}
 IPv4 address.
IPv4Address mask {}
 Network mask.

Detailed Description

A combination of IP v4 address and network mask.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IPv4AddressMask()

ts::IPv4AddressMask::IPv4AddressMask ( const IPv4Address a = IPv4Address(),
const IPv4Address m = IPv4Address() 

Default constructor.

[in]aIPv4 address.
[in]mNetwork mask.

Member Function Documentation

◆ maskSize()

int ts::IPv4AddressMask::maskSize ( ) const

Get the network mask size in bits.

The mask size (e.g. 24 for mask

◆ broadcastAddress()

IPv4Address ts::IPv4AddressMask::broadcastAddress ( ) const

Get the associated broadcast address.

The associated broadcast address.

◆ toString()

virtual UString ts::IPv4AddressMask::toString ( ) const

Convert to a string object.

This object, converted as a string.

Implements ts::StringifyInterface.

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