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ts::CableEmergencyAlertTable::Exception Class Reference

Description of a service exception for the alert. More...

#include <tsCableEmergencyAlertTable.h>

Public Member Functions

 Exception (uint16_t major, uint16_t minor)
 Constructor for an in-band id.
 Exception (uint16_t oob=0)

Public Attributes

bool in_band = false
 When true, use in-band major/minor id, when false use OOB source id.
uint16_t major_channel_number = 0
 10 bits, major channel id.
uint16_t minor_channel_number = 0
 10 bits, minor channel id.
uint16_t OOB_source_ID = 0
 Id of out-of-band service.

Detailed Description

Description of a service exception for the alert.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Exception() [1/2]

ts::CableEmergencyAlertTable::Exception::Exception ( uint16_t  oob = 0)


[in]oobId of out-of-band service.

◆ Exception() [2/2]

ts::CableEmergencyAlertTable::Exception::Exception ( uint16_t  major,
uint16_t  minor 

Constructor for an in-band id.

[in]major10 bits, major channel id.
[in]minor10 bits, minor channel id.

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