TSDuck Version 3.20-1614 (TSDuck - The MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit)
tsVersionInfo.h File Reference


 TSDuck namespace, containing all TSDuck classes and functions.


enum  ts::VersionFormat {
 Types of version formatting, for predefined option –version. More...


int ts::CompareVersions (const UString &v1, const UString &v2)
 Compare two version strings. More...
UString ts::GetVersion (VersionFormat format=VERSION_SHORT, const UString &applicationName=UString())
 Get the TSDuck formatted version number. More...


const int tsduckLibraryVersionCommit
 Commit version of the TSDuck library.
const int tsduckLibraryVersionMajor
 Major version of the TSDuck library.
const int tsduckLibraryVersionMinor
 Minor version of the TSDuck library.
const Enumeration ts::VersionFormatEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::VersionFormat. More...

Detailed Description

Information about version identification of TSDuck.