TSDuck Version 3.20-1615 (TSDuck - The MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit)
tsTablesPtr.h File Reference


 TSDuck namespace, containing all TSDuck classes and functions.


#define DeclareDisplayDescriptor()
 Define a DisplayDescriptor static function.
#define DeclareDisplaySection()
 Define a DisplaySection static function.
#define DeclareLogSection()
 Define a LogSection static function.


typedef SafePtr< AbstractDescriptor, NullMutex > ts::AbstractDescriptorPtr
 Safe pointer for AbstractDescriptor (not thread-safe).
typedef std::vector< AbstractDescriptorPtr > ts::AbstractDescriptorPtrVector
 Vector of AbstractDescriptor pointers.
typedef SafePtr< AbstractTable, NullMutex > ts::AbstractTablePtr
 Safe pointer for AbstractTable (not thread-safe)
typedef std::vector< AbstractTablePtr > ts::AbstractTablePtrVector
 Vector of BinaryTable pointers.
typedef SafePtr< BinaryTable, NullMutex > ts::BinaryTablePtr
 Safe pointer for BinaryTable (not thread-safe)
typedef std::vector< BinaryTablePtr > ts::BinaryTablePtrVector
 Vector of BinaryTable pointers.
typedef SafePtr< Descriptor, NullMutex > ts::DescriptorPtr
 Safe pointer for Descriptor (not thread-safe)
typedef std::vector< DescriptorPtr > ts::DescriptorPtrVector
 Vector of Descriptor pointers Use class DescriptorList for advanced features. More...
typedef void(* ts::DisplayCADescriptorFunction) (TablesDisplay &display, const uint8_t *data, size_t size, int indent, TID tid)
 Profile of a function to display the private part of a CA_descriptor. More...
typedef void(* ts::DisplayDescriptorFunction) (TablesDisplay &display, DID did, const uint8_t *payload, size_t size, int indent, TID tid, PDS pds)
 Profile of a function to display a descriptor. More...
typedef void(* ts::DisplaySectionFunction) (TablesDisplay &display, const Section &section, int indent)
 Profile of a function to display a section. More...
typedef UString(* ts::LogSectionFunction) (const Section &section, size_t max_bytes)
 Profile of a function to display a brief overview ("log") of a section on one line. More...
typedef SafePtr< Section, NullMutex > ts::SectionPtr
 Safe pointer for Section (not thread-safe).
typedef std::vector< SectionPtr > ts::SectionPtrVector
 Vector of Section pointers.

Detailed Description

Forward declarations for MPEG PSI/SI types. Useful to avoid interdependencies of header files.