TSDuck Version 3.20-1615 (TSDuck - The MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit)
tsModulation.h File Reference


 TSDuck namespace, containing all TSDuck classes and functions.


enum  ts::BandWidth {
 Bandwidth (OFDM, DVB-T/T2) More...
enum  ts::GuardInterval {
 Guard interval (OFDM) More...
enum  ts::Hierarchy {
 Hierarchy (OFDM) More...
enum  ts::InnerFEC {
 Inner Forward Error Correction. More...
enum  ts::Modulation {
 Modulation types. More...
enum  ts::Pilot {
 Pilot (DVB-S2) More...
enum  ts::PLSMode {
  ts::PLS_ROOT = 0,
  ts::PLS_GOLD = 1,
  ts::PLS_COMBO = 2
 Physical Layer Scrambling (PLS) modes for DVB-S2. More...
enum  ts::Polarization {
 Polarization. More...
enum  ts::RollOff {
 Roll-off (DVB-S2) More...
enum  ts::SpectralInversion {
 Spectral inversion. More...
enum  ts::TransmissionMode {
 Transmission mode (OFDM) More...


BandWidth ts::BandWidthCodeFromHz (uint32_t hz)
 Get the bandwidth code from a value in Hz. More...
uint32_t ts::BandWidthValueHz (BandWidth bw)
 Get the bandwidth value in Hz. More...
uint32_t ts::BitsPerSymbol (Modulation mod)
 Compute the number of bits per symbol for a specified modulation. More...
bool ts::CheckModEnum (int value, const UString &name, const Enumeration &conv, Report &report)
 Check if an enumeration value is supported by the native implementation. More...
template<typename ENUM , typename std::enable_if< std::is_integral< ENUM >::value||std::is_enum< ENUM >::value >::type * = nullptr>
bool ts::CheckModVar (const Variable< ENUM > &value, const UString &name, const Enumeration &conv, Report &report)
 Check if an optional enumeration value is supported by the native implementation. More...
uint32_t ts::FECDivider (InnerFEC fec)
 Compute the divider of a FEC value. More...
uint32_t ts::FECMultiplier (InnerFEC fec)
 Compute the multiplier of a FEC value. More...
uint32_t ts::GuardIntervalDivider (GuardInterval g)
 Compute the divider of a guard interval value. More...
uint32_t ts::GuardIntervalMultiplier (GuardInterval g)
 Compute the multiplier of a guard interval value. More...


const Enumeration ts::BandWidthEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::BandWidth.
const Enumeration ts::GuardIntervalEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::GuardInterval.
const Enumeration ts::HierarchyEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::Hierarchy.
const Enumeration ts::InnerFECEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::InnerFEC.
constexpr uint32_t ts::ISI_DISABLE = 0xFFFFFFFF
 Special ISI value meaning "disable multistream selection".
constexpr uint32_t ts::ISI_MAX = 0xFF
 Maximum Input Stream Id (ISI) value for DVB-S2.
const Enumeration ts::ModulationEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::Modulation.
const Enumeration ts::PilotEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::Pilot.
constexpr uint32_t ts::PLP_DISABLE = 0xFFFFFFFF
 Special PLP value meaning "disable PLP selection".
constexpr uint32_t ts::PLP_MAX = 0xFF
 Maximum Physical Layer Pipe (PLP) value for DVB-T2.
constexpr uint32_t ts::PLS_CODE_MAX = 0x3FFFF
 Maximum Physical Layer Scrambling (PLS) code value for DVB-S2.
const Enumeration ts::PLSModeEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::PLSMode.
const Enumeration ts::PolarizationEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::Polarization.
const Enumeration ts::RollOffEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::RollOff.
const Enumeration ts::SpectralInversionEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::SpectralInversion.
const Enumeration ts::TransmissionModeEnum
 Enumeration description of ts::TransmissionMode.

Detailed Description

Definition for MPEG transport modulations