TSDuck Version 3.18-1291 (TSDuck - The MPEG Transport Stream Toolkit)

Application management tools. More...

Collaboration diagram for Applications:


file  tsMain.h
 Define a standard main() function with appropriate checks.
file  tsVersionInfo.h
 Information about version identification of TSDuck.


class  ts::ConfigFile
 Representation of a configuration file. More...
class  ts::ConfigSection
 Representation of a "configuration section". More...
class  ts::DuckConfigFile
 A singleton which contains the TSDuck configuration file. More...
class  ts::DuckContext
 TSDuck execution context containing current preferences. More...
class  ts::GitHubRelease
 This class holds information from GitHub about a release of a project. More...
class  ts::StaticReferencesDVB
 Artificial references to all DVB items. More...

Detailed Description

Application management tools.